A place To Be home

At 'Under One Roof' participants will reside in safe and affordable housing with built in supports aimed at increasing capacity and contribution, encouraging participants toward purpose and independence.

The District of Squamish and Squamish Helping Hands Society are working in partnership with BC Housing to create a new “Under One Roof’ facility that will offer the Squamish community improved and centralized access to food, shelter and support services.

The facility will invite community partners such as the Squamish Food Bank, Cutting Barriers, Vancouver Coastal Health etc. to share the space and the vision for collaborative solutions. It will provide a broad array of services and opportunities where people can experience connection and personal growth leading to healthier individual and community outcomes.

All Under 1 Roof

37871 Third Ave, Squamish, BC

The space will significantly increase housing options for the Squamish community. By incorporating core needs and affordable housing attached to individualized supports - in keeping with the Housing First Model - it will essentially provide social housing solutions in our community for decades to come.

A community space

On the first floor of the building we envision a community space: a full service food hub including grocery store style food bank along with dining areas to offer hot meal service to individuals, children and families; food storage to increase our food rescue capacity; a commercial kitchen for a variety of internal and community food activities including supported education and employment; a drop-in centre with outreach and triage services; continued emergency shelter service; multi-purpose meeting spaces, as well as the possibility of storefront café, laundromat to build capacity, create sustainability and community connection.

A range of housing options

The upper 3 floors will consist of a range housing options which can accommodate varying levels of support needs up to and including independent living. While core needs housing, for those with significant barriers and where supervision and care are essential, will be the mainstay, we will also hope to include affordable independent living units as well. This mix of housing is part of the overall plan for this facility where we reduce stigma and encourage a sense of community - give back built in.

Supported wellness, training and employment opportunities

Recognizing that people may indeed need our help to make the changes necessary to regain independence and purpose, we are committed to providing what is needed without damaging self-respect, self-esteem or self confidence. To that end we will provide supported wellness, training and employment opportunities and encourage all participants to contribute to the community while we work with them to have their needs met quickly and responsibly, avoiding long waits for needed resources and inconvenient service models.

A grass roots, people centred environment

At the core will be partners working together in a grass roots, people centred environment. Through collaboration we will be able to better serve and respond to our participants by creating easy flow and access to services, programs, workers, mentors and housing that are inclusive and supported.

The idea behind this new collaborative space is simple:


Health and Housing achieved through partnerships with key stakeholders and service providers for the provision of community and lifeline services; and

Community Gathering Place

A community gathering place, connecting and integrating all members of the community offering both prescribed and ad hoc opportunities, inspiring a community spirit of give and take, ensuring flow Under One Roof.

It takes a community!

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