in life, there are plenty of choices
hunger should not be one of them

Food Programs and Solutions

An average of 3600 lbs of food is rescued each week and donated to Squamish Helping Hands by local grocery stores and restaurants.

It is estimated that $27 billion of food in Canada goes to waste – 51% of that is leftover food that goes straight into the garbage.

Food Rescue Program

Donations of excess unspoiled perishable and prepared food is collected by volunteers and taken to the shelter. We then redistribute it to community members in need and other community groups. In doing so, we prevent food from entering the landfill, reduce our food costs, and deliver food where it is needed most.

Food Distribution Program

Food4Kids: School Lunches

At Helping Hands, we believe that every child should have a nutritious school lunch of their own. We know that hunger negatively affects a child’s ability to perform, learn and grow both physically and mentally. Our daily Brown Bag Lunch program provides approximately 350 lunches per week to elementary and high school students in local schools. It’s made a difference for kids, and a difference in our schools.

Weekend Grocery Bags

In addition to providing children nutritious school lunches, we work with the school to identify and select up to a dozen families for additional food support. This extension of our Brown Bag Lunch program ensures that at the end of the week these families receive groceries to ensure healthy eating doesn’t end at school.


Our hot meal service provides those in need with two healthy four-course meals per day on a drop in basis, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Squamish Helping Hands serves up approximately 630 hot meals each week.

Food2Go Meals

We understand that sometimes, hunger is a matter of access. Whether it’s due to illness, transportation, employment, social or other circumstances, people simply do not always have access to the hot meals we provide. Our 2Go Meals program provides participants with two meals to go. Whether it’s two for you, two for a friend or two for later, take two to go and know your next meal is on us. Food2Go is accessible to all community members regardless of age or any other possible barrier.

245 to-go meals are handed out each week.

Food4Families: Community Food Hampers

When a family is in need, we are here to help. Our Community Food Hamper program ensures food is available for pickup at Squamish Helping Hands Society centre in the event of a missed food bank or crisis. We prepare 35 food hampers each week. A hamper can feed a family for about one week.


We offer a unique chance to learn about gardening by training our participants to grow, nurture and harvest food from ground to table. Our produce is homegrown at our centre, sold at Farmers Markets and served in the meals prepared in our kitchen and distribution programs. Participants receive a nominal fee and the opportunity to become part of the entire process, from seed to sell. The Grow Your Own Community Garden Program provides nourishment and promotes a sense of value and ownership of our garden landscape.