ride bikes, save the planet

Recycle Bicycle

Promoting equity, active transportation, and a circular economy

Recycle Bicycle is a program that accepts donations of used bicycles, fixes them up, and donates them to community members and families in need.

Volunteers and our program participants clean and repair donated bicycles and provide them to people who need them.

Benefit to the community:

  • Providing the benefits of cycling to locals who are in-need and cannot afford new bikes.
  • Re-use, repurpose and recycle bicycles- reducing the use of landfill
  • Promotes healthy physical exercise & recreation for all ages
  • Provides affordable options for active transportation and carbon neutral transportation
  • Promotes equity and reduces social isolation
  • Creates a sense of purpose and therapeutic benefits for program participants

Volunteer with Recycle Bicycle

Send an email to volunteer@underoneroofsquamish.ca

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In need of a bike?

email us at info@shhs.ca

The Recycle Bicycle Program was created in 2007 by John French with the simple idea of fixing donated bicycles and providing them to locals in need. John operated the program from his home. The concept grew quickly and become too much for one individual (and his garage). Through the program, hundreds of bikes have been donated, repaired and then given to those in need.

In 2016, Squamish Helping Hands Society (SHHS) took over the program to support families and individuals who could not afford bicycles.

We are grateful to the Rotary Club of Squamish for generously donating to help us relaunch the Recycle Bicycle program after a break due to the pandemic.