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Programs and Services

Most of our Programs and Services now operate out of Under One Roof at 37871 Third Avenue in downtown Squamish.

Under One Roof is a community hub that aims to build a sense of Wellness, Community, and Purpose for people in Squamish. It’s more than just supportive housing, it’s a community food hub, a volunteer hub, a wellness hub and an central access point for supports and services We are a 24/7 Emergency Shelter and a day time Drop-in Centre offering safe refuge to adults in the Sea to Sky Corridor who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our emergency shelter service offers a 15 bed overnight program and drop-in service. Squamish Helping Hands serves a nutritious lunch and dinner everyday, and provides all day snacks as well as bathroom, shower and laundry facilities.

Drop-In Centre

Location: 37871 Third Avenue @ Under One Roof

Our current drop-in hours are 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

We offer a safe refuge to adults. Drop-in Services include access to internet, phone, bathrooms, showers, laundry, hygiene supplies, clothing, meals and snacks, resources, referrals and the support of outreach staff. We offer case planning and connection.

Emergency Shelter and Housing

See our Shelter page

Food Services

See our Food Solutions page

Homeless Outreach

Our qualified homeless outreach workers are connected with community and our homeless residents. They are trained in resources and how to help guide our residents in crisis to connect with programs and services that that help. Our team is caring and effective, and always show heart and treat our participants with dignity and respect.

Access an outreach worker at outreach@shhs.ca or call 604-849-1942

Overdose Prevention

Squamish Helping Hands at Under One Roof is a distribution centre for harm reduction supplies, including naloxone and drug checking.

We are also now operating the Squamish Overdose Prevention Site

Other Programs, Services and Supports

  • Income-Tax filing assistance through the CRA Community Volunteer Income-Tax program
  • Wellness classes
  • Assistance with finding housing
  • Information and assistance applying for social services such as Income Assistance, obtaining ID
  • Referrals to detox and treatment
  • STD testing and flu clinics
  • Hair cutting clinics (On hold due to COVID)
  • Garden Program