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People with lived or living experience of substance use are the unsung heroes of the toxic drug crisis.

Street Degree is a collaborative educational program developed by peers and Vancouver Coastal Health to empower people with lived or living experience who are working in overdose prevention and management.

What can I do with a Street Degree?

Completing a diploma is street degree gives you the skills to apply to work at the Squamish Overdose Prevention Site.

Working through more modules opens up opportunities for you to help facilitate and run these courses. A paid gig!

Street Degree skills can be used in your day to day life and are useful as a Street Reach Peer and Peer Witness at Under One Roof.

Types of Degrees:

Diploma: Complete modules 1 through 4 + 1 elective module = 5 modules

Degree: Complete modules 1 through 8 + 2 electives = 1= modules

Masters: Complete modules 1 through 15

You do not have to finish a degree to take these courses. Come to modules that you are interested in learning and join the conversation.

Who facilitates Street Degree?

Street Degree is facilitated by Squamish Helping Hands staff, people with lived experience, and guest speakers. If you complete a Street Degree you could be a future facilitator.

What types of things will I learn?

Modules cover topics ranging from overdose response to leadership and team work skills.

  • Naloxone training
  • Advanced overdose response
  • First responder collaboration
  • Safe consumption techniques
  • Managing medical emergencies
  • Let's talk about drugs
  • Treatment Options
  • Drug Checking
  • Stigma
  • Lateral violence
  • Crisis management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Burn out
  • Self Care
  • Peer and community advocacy

When are Classes?

Classes are held at the Squamish Overdose Prevention Site at 37930 Third Avenue (beside Squamish Public Library) or at Under One Roof, 37871 Third Avenue.

See the September 2023 Schedule Here

For more information, contact Kim kbabirad@shhs.ca

Street Degree is supported and funded by: