Managing Difficult Behaviours Training

A safe and compassionate community is everyone's responsibility. Give your team tools to stay safe while also being able to offer support to others and cope with challenging behaviour.

Squamish Helping Hands is offering training for any interested community groups or businesses who want to help their teams navigate situations where they encounter challenging behaviour.

Managing Difficult Behaviours Training

Join us for this engaging 4-part course designed to help build a culture of compassion within our community. This course will give you the tools you need to help maintain boundaries and keep yourself safe while at the same time offering real support to those who need it most. Broken into 4 parts we will explore the underlying factors of homelessness, addiction, trauma and mental health as well learning practical applications for real help.

The course takes 3 hours and will touch on 4 subjects:

Trauma Informed Practice:

Trauma-Informed Practice is a strengths-based framework grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma.

Overwhelmingly individuals who are currently living in addiction and homelessness are the victims of childhood trauma. We will discuss how trauma impacts not only the developing brain and capacity for reasoning but also long term physical health. Understanding the links between trauma and addiction helps us to take the steps act with compassion and start on the real work of removing the shame and stigma to create and environment of healing.

Non Violent Crisis Intervention / Managing Hostile Interactions

Nothing is more important than safety. Learn how to spot and diffuse volatile situations before they arise. Explore verbal and non verbal techniques to diffuse. Learn to recognize triggers (theirs and ours). Avoid communication pitfalls and join Helping Hands professionals for an open discussion that will help you to problem solve a variety of challenging behaviors and interactions.

Mental Health First Aid

Trying to help someone who is struggling due to their mental health and not having the tools to do so can be as heartbreaking as it is scary. We will discuss how best to support someone experiencing, psychosis, suicidal ideations, anxiety attacks and more. Mental Health First Aid will help you gain the confidence you need to feel capable to act in the best interest of someone who needs your help.

Naloxone Training

On April 14th 2016 the province of BC declared the opioid overdose epidemic to be a BC Public Health Emergency. Since then 3,600 more people have died. De-bunk misconceptions in this practical hands on training session. Learn how to identify someone who is experiencing an overdoes and take the steps to take that will save their life.

The full course takes 3 hours but it can be adapted to a shorter time frame or delivered in parts.

This training is currently being offered by Squamish Helping Hands on a by-donation basis until Aug 31, 2020, with the support of the SEA TO SKY COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM.

For inquiries or to book a training session for your team contact Amy at

Note: While this course provides practical information and tools, it does not provide a mental health certification.