We’ve made the choice to help.

Community Programs And Solutions

Under One Roof is a place to be Home

We envision Under One Roof to be a community gathering place, connecting and integrating all members of the community. We wish to inspire a community spirit of give and take.

Food, Shelter, Water, Warmth, Safety and Rest are important.

But people also need: Belonging, Community and Love. And a sense of Purpose

While hampered by the pandemic, we still envision activities that will foster a sense of community and belonging and bring people together to share learning, stories, and talents.

Garden Program

Our garden program brings participants and volunteers together to grow fresh and healthy produce for our food programs. Gardening is a therapeutic and fun activity.

Recycle Bicycle

Participants refurbish donated used bicycles and parts to provide bicycles to local individuals and families in need. Participants benefit from learning new skills, developing a sense of purpose, and connecting with others in the community. The program also reduces waste and helps low income families. Bicycles are a way to get around and stay healthy for all.