Squamish Helping Hands Welcomes Lori Pyne, Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that we formally welcome Lori to our team at Squamish Helping Hands. Formerly Lori was the Operations Director at Whistler Community Services and also served as Interim Executive Director from 2019-2020.

She led WCSS through a challenging transition when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now that we have gotten to know her we can attest that she is passionate, thoughtful, caring, and intelligent. Having given her some time to get to know us, we asked Lori a few questions:

Q: What drew to you Squamish Helping Hands Society?

A: It is important to me to be able to contribute in a meaningful way in the community I reside. My passion lies in social justice, community building and most importantly leaving the world better than I found it. This is what the entire team is engaged in doing at HH!

Q: What do you think has prepared you well for this role?

A: My 10 years of experience in Whistler @ WCSS supporting similar community programming for vulnerable, marginalized and underserved community members. My father suffered a brain injury 40 years ago and with my family, I have grown to learn deeply about resiliency and advocacy of mental health.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as Executive Director?

A: I strive for health, wellness and safety for our team, participants and neighbours. Ultimately creating a sense of belonging for EVERYONE in our downtown community.

Q: What is a fun fact about you?

A: I was backpacking at the top of the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal on the eve of Y2K…I didn’t know what I would come back to. I also love that my son plays the accordian!

“The Board would like to welcome, Lori Pyne, as the new Executive Director of Squamish Helping Hands Society. Lori brings extensive experience in the social service sector to her new role and we’re excited by her passion and commitment to improving services at Under One Roof and in the community of Squamish.”

-Alina McKay, Interim Chair, Squamish Helping Hands Board of Directors