A look at 2021

Here's a summary of what we've been up to this year.

First, we salute our amazing staff who have working so hard to keep everyone safe during the dual emergencies of the COVID-19 pandemic and the toxic drug crisis, not to mention some extreme weather conditions, from the heat dome to atmospheric rivers.

When you see a staff member, say "Thanks!"

Feeding People: Moving from Food Charity to Food Justice

As we continue to grow amidst and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to be able to make the Market into a space for gathering, eating, and learning - reimagining what a community “Food Bank” can and should look like. In leaving behind the notion of “food charity”, and move towards “food justice”, we have created a space in which all are welcome, and where people and planet are aligned. An abundance of food is recovered, repurposed and shared, and our community is fed, freely and well.

  • Daily pick up of perishables and non-perishables from local grocers
  • the "Market" open 6 days a week, providing a huge increase in accessibility to food, and greater access to fresher, healthier food
  • 30,000 lbs of food rescued each month
  • 1032 Market Visits each month
  • 345 Market Members
  • 212 Hampers delivered each month
  • 2335 Hot Meals served each month
  • 3893 School Meals provided each month
  • NEW in 2021: Meals on Wheels! Now delivering healthy, hot meals to seniors and folks unable to access Under One Roof

Huge thanks to the Sea to Sky Gondola who loaned us Chefs! They were part of our kitchen team through to spring.

In the Kitchen, Chef Venita uses as much rescued food as possible to create delicious and healthy meals for the community.

"I want to make food that nourishes the soul and provides a sense of homeiness."

Currently only 11% of our rescued food goes into the organics pick up.

"That soup was so-o-o good, and tasty. Chicken was tender & fingerlicking good. Yams much better than fries!"- Meals on Wheels eater




Providing Shelter and Housing

  • Over 40 people housed at Under One Roof
  • 320 sleeps in the Extreme Weather Program
  • Over 5075 Emergency Shelter Stays

"Life and death, you have me life here."

"A godsent, almost 6 years of being homeless."


Preventing Overdoses during the Toxic Drug Crisis

  • In February 2021 we opened Squamish's first Overdose Prevention Site. The site is visited by 18 people a day, on average
  • 14 Peer Witnesses who take shifts to monitor people at Under One Roof and the Overdose Prevention Site to prevent overdose and promote safe substance use. Peer witnesses have worked over 2810 hours this year.
  • 5 Street Degree graduates- Street Degree provides training to people with living experience on how to support others and prevent overdoses
  • Implementation of the Squamish Pain Program at Under One Roof, providing folks with chronic pain and mental health challenges access to therapeutic yoga, massage, physiotherapy and counselling.
  • All Staff have Advanced Overdose Response Training
  • Embracing a harm reduction approach which strives to minimize harm to health and to prevent drug-related death. This includes working to reduce stigma from substance use, supporting safer use through supervised use, and recognizing the role of poverty, racism, trauma, isolation and other social inequities in people's vulnerability to harm



Providing Supports

  • 217 referrals to treatment and detox
  • 370 referrals to mental health support
  • 390 wellness classes attendances
  • 196 referrals to housing
  • 108 referrals to education and training
  • 245 events helping people access income assistance, disability support, or securing official ID
  • 537 medical, dental, and optical referrals
  • 330 transportations to medical appointments or to detox/recovery treatment
  • Handing out clothing, blankets, hygiene supplies, tents, etc. -too many to count!
  • Handing out harm reduction supplies (including needle exchange etc.)



Building Community

  • Our volunteer program has grown in leaps and bounds to over 100 volunteers. Way to go Azfir, our Volunteer Coordinator!
  • 3350 volunteer hours in the Food Hub
  • 718 volunteer hours in our Gardens
  • $425K grant obtained for the Downtown Squamish Neighbourhood Initiative. Watch for events and activities in 2022.
  • Our partnerships with community groups are stronger than ever as we work together to feed people, build connections, and provide wrap around support.
  • Involving people with lived experience in planning and giving a voice to people who use drugs when creating services. Peers participate in the Sea to Sky Community Action Team.
  • Squamish Helping Hands has been a participant in the development of the Squamish Community Housing Society