US & THEM FILM SCREENING aims to increase our understanding of homelessness and addiction.

Squamish Helping Hands, Squamish Public Library, and the Squamish Community Foundation invites community members to the film screening.

Date: Wednesday November 6, 2019

Location: Squamish Public Library

Time: 6:30 – 9:00 pm (Doors at 6:15)

Admission is free is everyone is welcome.


"US & THEM" is a documentary on homelessness from filmmaker Krista Loughton

This decade-long film project humanizes and gives voice to people who are living outside on the streets. Homelessness can happen to anyone-it’s not a choice. It could be someone you know… Your neighbour could be one paycheque away from experiencing homelessness themselves. There is no single path to homelessness and each person faces their own struggles that led to the devastating experience of having no home: childhood trauma, domestic violence, a debilitating illness or injury, unexpected loss of income etc.

The movie will be followed by a VITAL CONVERSATION about the role of community and connection in healing trauma and creating a sense of belonging for all.

The trailer can be viewed here:

While housing is key, it is not enough to simply provide housing and food. People require a social support network, opportunities to learn skills, and discover purpose, to live in a community where they find understanding and belonging.

Under One Roof will be that place – operating under the housing first model – providing folks with a home, supports for treatment, counselling and other services without requirements based on their sobriety.

It is not just about providing this one place where people can access trauma informed services and supports. It’s also about providing a whole community that works together to support all of its citizens to thrive and be well.

The concept of social support must extend to the broader community as a place of vitality and strong social networks. Community support networks are very important in helping people become more resilient - solve problems and deal with adversity while maintaining a sense of autonomy and control over life circumstances. The caring and respect that occurs informally within community, ‘in the neighbourhood,’ results in a sense of well-being and improved health