We are more than just a shelter
we are an exchange.

Helping Hands Helping Feet

“Street Feet” are the result of feet that have spent extended periods of time in poor quality, often wet shoes or boots.

Blisters, fungus, callouses and skin infections are common and only become worse in conditions where people are on their feet walking for much of their day.

Wet winter months further aggravate these conditions and simple blisters can turn into painful infections. For those living rough outdoors the reality is they often don’t remove socks and shoes at all.

Each year Helping Hands helps feet by giving out approx. 2000 pairs of socks and around 750 pairs of shoes. We distribute countless polysporin laden band aids and when things look really rough we have been known to fill tubs with Epson salts and allow people a chance to care for their traumatized feet.

Last year we hosted our first ever Foot Clinic at Helping Hands and it was a resounding success! Over the course of a few months with support from Sound Runner, The Reach Physio, Valhalla and Squamish Integrated Health we are able to collect aproximately 200 pairs of shoes and boxes of fresh socks. Food baths were set up and Squamish Podiatrist Dr. Dana Alumbough donated her time setting up shop in the shelter giving much needed attention to peoples ailing feet. Each participant went away with a fresh set of socks, shoes and smiles.

We are hoping to recreate the event this April. Already talks have begun with our partners on beginning the shoe drive so keep your eyes peeled for donation bins at those locations!

Sadly, Dr Alumbough has moved out of the community, so we are actively seeking foot care professionals to come help support this program.

In addition to shoes we are looking for donations of:

  • Epson salts
  • nail clippers
  • polysporin
  • blister pads
  • corn and callous pads
  • bandages
  • foot power and
  • Lots and Lots of socks!