Donation Guidelines Food

The Under One Roof Food Hub needs your safe and healthy food donations.

Items we appreciate the most:

  • unprocessed foods with strong nutritional values, such as brown rice, beans
  • fresh produce from home gardens or farms
  • low sugar cereals, oatmeal
  • canned tuna and salmon
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • canned beans
  • peanut and alternative butters
  • healthy snack food items (granola bars, apple sauce, rice cakes, crackers)
  • coffee and tea
  • infant formula, nutritional supplement beverages (e.g. Boost, Ensure)
  • Toilet paper, diapers

Note: Non-perishable/canned items are typically distributable up to a year past their printed Best Before Date. We cannot accept canned goods past 6 months of their printed best before date.

As much as possible, we try to distribute healthy foods to individuals and families. This may include low sodium, low sugar, and whole grain alternatives. Please consider nutritional value when choosing items to donate."

Foods from caterers and restaurants can be donated if they have been:

  • prepared in an inspected kitchen
  • held back and not served on a buffet
  • cooled safely and kept refrigerated
  • handled by cooks with Food Safe Certification
  • kept refrigerated during transport
  • been prepared within 72 hrs of donation

Items we are unable to accept from the public

  • Food that has been part of a buffet where people have served themselves.
  • Infant formula past the expiry date
  • Food from personal freezers
  • Hunted Game: hunters may have to take their harvest to an approved meat processor. We are not able to accept uninspected meat from a hunter’s home freezer. Carcasses must be processed in an approved cut and wrap facility. Game meat and fish cannot be accepted as meat must be slaughtered in a federally or provincially inspected facility
  • Candy, high sugar cereals, pop
  • Opened or partially used foods
  • Foods in broken or damaged packaging where the contents have been exposed or the food label is missing.
  • Bloated or significantly dented canned goods, or rusted canned goods
  • Prescription or over-the-counter drugs

Homemade items such as baked goods or jams are considered High Risk by Food Safety Guidelines for Food Distribution Organizations. If you wish to donate these items, please contact our Food Programs Manager Venita at

The Food Donor Encouragement Act protects organizations who donate. In Canada, no reported court decision has ever imposed liability on industry for problems caused by donated foods.

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